UoN Media Graduate’s travels in space


Media Production graduate Samuel Cockings has been causing a intergalactic stir with his online web show Trekyards, talking a look at the ships and tech of Star Trek with the designers themselves.

Since starting the show in 2014 the show has grown from strength to strength gaining new fans daily with who’s support they continue to expand.

Samuel said: “We are even attending several major Star Trek conventions this year in both America and the UK. We had always wanted to see something like this so we just went ahead and made it and that is Trekyards. ”

Samuel Cockings discussing a Star Trek model with designer.

Each show features a definitive piece on a particular starship with facts, figures and new 3D animations to bring it to life. We then speak to designers who worked on the TV shows/Movies to ask questions to gain new insights about these designs. We have the A list when it comes to designers, fan film makers and specialist guests. We’ve even interviewed over a dozen actors to reflect that perspective.

Check out Trekyards here: