Students visit India to make documentary


Students from the School Of The Arts engaged in a successful  cultural exchange visit with students from Gujarat India. The students Jenny Seress, Hina Depala, Auske Baranauskaite and Christopher Doyle worked in partnership to make social impact design interventions which explored connections between the two regions in product design and heritage while media production students Hina and Jenny produced two documentary projects and journalist Auske gained valuable experience from the trip. Jenny Seress the producer of the documentary had this to say about the exchange:

“’I have had an amazing experience and feel honoured to be a part of such a fantastic project. Not only have I learnt about the culture, crafts and heritage but I have also made some new friends. It’s an experience to remember”

This international opportunity is part of the UoN ever expanding links with key International partners in India, Turkey China and Sri Lanka.