Students shoot music video featuring Alan Moore

Media students shooting on location with Cavan McLaughlin were thrilled to meet internationally acclaimed writer Alan Moore when he stopped by for a cameo.

The video for metal band Denigrata, and was filmed in February entirely on super 16mm film rather than digital, creating a darker, more esoteric rendering.

Alan Moore who famously wrote The Watchman, V for Vendetta and League of Extraordinary Gentleman became involved with Northampton band Denigrata out of friendship and a mutual love of the occult; his many creative visions coalescing with Denigrata’s own appreciation of the wyrd.

The video matches the pain and beauty of their music, placing it amongst the cold, furious landscape of England in winter that seeks to connect with its heritage of the occult and witchcraft. ‘Kyrie Eleison’ is a relentless immersion that plunges you into its abyss, enraged and sorrowful in its turmoil, leaving you fighting for breath.

Front woman, Denigrata Herself said, ‘It was both an incredible and important experience working with Alan; much of his recent work, such as Show Pieces and Jerusalem centre on our shared home town of Northampton, UK, which is a strange, intoxicating place with a rich, dark history. This is something that informed both of our perspectives and that sense of a shared understanding of the esotericism of the place permeated the development of the video. Denigrata also wanted the engagement with the environment to be real, not photo-shopped or digitally altered. Consequently standing half-naked in a freezing lake in February presented that opportunity and any look of pain on the band’s faces is authentic! Cavan McLaughlin, the director, knew exactly how to make all of these components align and Denigrata have much to thank him for’.