Student premieres Star Trek fan film

Media Student Samuel Cockings has released his latest trailer for the Star Trek fan film Temporal Anomaly. Starring actors from across the University his latest film has been a labour of love, with hundreds of hours spent filming in our green screen studio and rendering sci fi artwork.

Samuel successfully raised the budget for the project through Kickstarter, with funders gaining signed copies of posters, DVD’s, cameos and credits prior to the release of the film.

A long standing Star Trek and Stargate fan film maker Samuel is now working on a documentary series called Trekyards. Hosted by himself and StarTrek alumni who have worked on the production from the past 50 years, Samuel said “If you told me when I was young that I’d be dealing with some of the designers who’ve developed the most iconic tech and design in Star Trek I wouldn’t of believed you. We’re going from strength to strength and loving every minute of it.”

For more info see his website