Media intern films heavy metal legend at The University of Northampton

A chance meeting between a senior music lecturer and industry bigwigs at an international heavy metal conference led to music legend and guitarist Tony Iommi visiting the University of Northampton to undertake a very special task.

The Black Sabbath member is to be honoured with the Courage Award at this year’s Loudwire Music Awards, which recognises both his musical output and his bravery in his battle with cancer.

It was arranged that the original moulding for the cast of Tony’s hand would be undertaken by members of the Fine Art department at the University of Northampton.

Media Intern for UoN Media Aaron Freeman was tasked with filming the event  at the university as part of a documentary.

Aaron said “The opportunity to film and meet somebody who’s iconic riffs you first learnt on guitar as a teenager is remarkably special. I have not been more proud to be part of something in my life and I cannot wait for the full release later this year! Watch this space!”

Below is a short video  about Tony’s hand cast which includes the footage that shot by Aaron.

The full documentary is set to be released later this year.