#ListitLiveIt Campaign Video

The media production team have just released the new “#ListitLiveIt” Campaign video featuring second year student Matt Derrig and his role at the Cobblers as a match day reporter.

Produced by graduates Kilian McIntosh and Directed by Laurence Maybury the film is now shown weekly at the Cobblers Football ground and features in the Universities marketing for the List it live it campaign which showcases the extra curricular achievements of students whilst studying in Northampton.

Director Laurence said “we shot in a day on the ever versatile 5D, using a slider for all the moving shots. In after effects I created the twitter post and the writing on the wall, the entire grade was done in after effects as well.”

The project is the first collaboration between Kilian who worked as our intern last year and now works for the University marketing deparment, and Laurence who is managing our media production unit.