lecturers create “Transition” event nights

Media staff at the University are involved in a new project in Northampton, aiming to provide a safe, shared, creative and recreational space, as well as bringing independent and academic research into the community.

The events are being organised by Roy Wallace and Cavan McLaughlin, both senior lecturers in Media at the university. “The name Transition,” explain Cavan and Roy, “refers to the process of changing from one state or condition to another. Each of our events is themed around a form of transitioning or an area where transition—change—is needed.”

The events are designed to bring together people and ideas from the university with those from the community in and around Northampton, and—given the name—to encourage debate about ways of bringing about, as well as negotiating, progressive change. Roy and Cavan hope that providing a safe and shared space for this will also be an opportunity to socialise and network with likeminded people.

A typical evening line-up includes an art exhibition, film screenings, live bands and speakers, with free vegan and vegetarian food on offer. The event will be open late, with DJs rounding off the night. “We particularly welcome the queer community, along with people who self-identify as ‘others’, in any sense, anyone with an ‘alternative’ image/sense of identity and those who simply feel they are not comfortable in a traditional, mainstream entertainment environment,” emphasises Cavan. “But we are open to everyone who embraces openness and tolerance themselves.”

Upcoming featured artists include American comics artist and writer Melinda Gebbie; writer and Northampton legend Alan Moore; and performance artist Stefanie Elrick.

If you think you’d like to enjoy some free vegan and vegetarian food, live music, dancing, art exhibitions, film screenings, public speaking, and the sharing of ideas — all crowned by a desire to welcome positive change for yourself and for the wider community — then come along to The Underground, Phoenix Bar, on Thursday nights for Transition, where our doors will be most definitely: open.

Tickets for all four May event nights are available via Eventbrite, or on the night.

Feel free to listen to a radio interview from the organisers about the event