Cult film club screens to a sell out audience

The Cult Film Club, a joint venture between the University of Northampton and The Errol Flynn Film house, recently screened John Landis’s The Blues Brothers (1978) to a sold out audience. The screening was followed by the annual Cult Film Club movie quiz, which this year was hosted by two of our third year students, Rob and Dan (pictured!). Students, staff, and the wider Northampton film-loving community came together to test their knowledge on all things related to cult movies. After much pondering over the finer points of obscure film soundtracks and general amazement at the number of questions related to the colour blue Rob and Dan managed to think up, winners and losers were declared. First place went to a motley group of film fans from Northampton who won a copy of the movie soundtrack and a pair of free tickets to a movie of their choice. The Cult Film Club screens a variety of movies on the last Wednesday of each month at 6.15pm. Tickets are available at: