Cult Film Club


The University of Northampton’s School of The Arts and the Errol Flynn Filmhouse in Northampton continue to work together on the monthly Cult Film Club, which features screenings of ‘cultish’ films, accompanied by a variety of additional events, including quizzes, informative pre-movie talks and film related discussions that explore films in their artistic and socio-historical contexts. The Club, which is open to everyone, gives students the opportunity to learn about curation while enjoying classic movies.

Films chosen for the Cult Film Club include those that challenge mainstream conceptions of cinema; transgress common notions of good and bad taste, subvert genre conventions, and those with a lively following amongst viewers.

Senior staff in the Film and Screen Studies department, David Simmons and Lorna Jowett, commented: “the Cult Film Club is a brilliant opportunity for staff and students to engage with the Northampton community about something they love. Each Cult Film Club night is a real event with the School taking over the Errol Flynn Filmhouse in order to show a selection of movies that we have chosen as being particularly ‘cult’. Students who have been involved have gained a valuable insight into how contemporary film curation and exhibition works, at the same time as hosting a range of interesting and experimental cinema and getting the chance to converse with the general public about their love for and knowledge of film.”

Upcoming films planned for the Cult Film Club include: Akira (1988), Blue Velvet(1986), Seconds (1966), Theatre of Blood (1973) and Flash Gordon (1980).


Dr David Simmons